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Yale Students Going Global

Global Health Education at Yale

Global Health Seminar

The Global Health Seminar is a weekly elective course intended for students in the health professions to develop an understanding of the key issues in global health research and practice. The course features faculty from across the health professional schools and other global health experts from around the world. It's collaborative nature provides a rich environment for interdisciplinary dialogue. Sessions are on Thursday, from 12:00-1:00 via Zoom. To register students will need to use Canvas or contact Anjuli Bodyk to be added to the course.

Please Click Here to See the Global Health Seminar Syllabus

Topics In Global Medicine and Health

Topics in Global Medicine and Health is a student-led, case-based elective course for Yale health professionals-in-training that provides participants with a broad knowledge base in current globally important health issues. Each session focuses on a specific topic and aims to integrate the perspectives of public and population health with a practical, clinically oriented approach to the topic. Importantly, the course provides a forum for interactive discussions of health issues that pose unique challenges in resource-limited settings. The sessions are collaborative – a Yale faculty with expertise in the topic is paired with one or two students and the team works together to present the topic. Faculty will be asked to provide reading resources relevant to their session in advance.

We encourage the presenters to avoid clinical language or, if necessary, to explain it well in Topics presentations given the broad array of student backgrounds and clinical experiences.

Integrated course content for 2020

  • Due to the ubiquitous impact of COVID-19 on health globally, presenting teams will be asked to include a discussion of COVID-19 as it relates to their session’s topic.
  • Additionally, given the importance of capacity building/capacity strengthening in global health, presenting teams will be asked to include a discussion of how their topic has been, or might be, effected by efforts to improve clinical, educational or research capacity.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Appreciate the spectrum of globally important health issues affecting persons and communities in resource-limited settings.
  • Identify the major principles and challenges of providing health care in resource-limited settings.
  • Appreciate the importance of public health interventions in dealing with global health issues.


Topics in Global Medicine and Health is designed for students in all of the health professions programs, specifically physician associate (PA), nursing (YSN), medicine (YSM), and epidemiology and public health (EPH). In addition, advanced trainees such as residents and fellows are encouraged to participate. The course is open to all members of the Yale community. Active participation in the course is expected, whether by way of presenting a topic in collaboration with the faculty member or actively participating in the small group discussions.

Student Presenters:

At the first session, interested students will be asked to sign up for a presentation slot.

Course Schedule:

Day/Time: Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm
Start/End Dates: September 15 through December 15, excluding November 3 and 24
Location: All sessions will take place virtually, via Zoom

Session Format

Each collaborative Topics session will have the following format:

6:30-6:45pm Presentation by students- introduction of themes, representative case
6:45-7:15pm Faculty lecture
7:15-7:30pm Questions & Answers
7:30-8:00pm Students present 2-3 thought provoking questions which are discussed in small groups and brought back to full group discussion

YSM Global Health Concentration Fulfillment and YSN Global Health Track Fulfillment

This course will satisfy one of the two course requirements for the Global Health Track if the student attends at least 75% of the sessions. YSN students must also submit a 10 page scholarly paper exploring one of the issues discussed in class.

Yale PA Program

This course will satisfy the needed preparation to participate in international rotations.


We urge all course participants to attend the course as regularly as possible. Poor attendance reflects poorly on the course in the eyes of faculty speakers. Additionally, strong attendance will make the interactive aspect of the course highly rewarding. Those students taking the course for credit must achieve the attendance rate designated by their program.

Course Leadership

The Course Director is Dr. Jeremy Schwartz, Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine) at Yale School of Medicine and Public Health (Chronic Disease Epidemiology) at Yale School of Public Health. The student leadership team is selected annually from interested students in the represented programs. The 2020 student leadership team includes: Shin Mei Chan (YSM), Katherine Lepere (YSN), Kelsey Rankin (YSM), and Leslie Wang (YSM).

Tentative Course Schedule (subject to changes pending faculty availability)

Date Topic
Week 1 - Sept 15 Orientation, Historical overview, evolution of global health
Week 2 - Sept 22 Communicable Diseases and health inequities/poverty
Week 3 - Sept 29 Non-Communicable Diseases and health inequities/poverty
Week 4 - Oct 6 Mental Health
Week 5 - Oct 13 Global Surgery
Week 6 - Oct 20 Ethical considerations in global health
Week 7 - Oct 27 Global Health Education and bidirectionality
Week 8 - Nov 10 Planetary health/environmental justice
Week 9 - Nov 17 Refugees/forced displacement/migration
Week 10 - Nov 24 Mobile health (mHealth)
Week 11 - Dec 1 End of life/palliative care
Week 12 - Dec 8 Harm reduction
Week 13 - Dec 15 Closure/debrief lessons learned

Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

Spanish for Health Care Professionals is a language for special purpose course offered by the Yale Center for Language Study. The course is a non-credit 8-week course.

The course site is located in Canvas.

Certificate in Global Medicine

Medical students are able to pursue a variety of didactic, research, and clinical experiences in global health at Yale. The Certificate program organizes coursework and international experiences into a longitudinal curriculum that a student can complete over four (or five) years of medical school, while maintaining flexibility in terms of both the timing and content of these opportunities.