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Student Research & M.D. Thesis

A student's research is presented as a formal bound thesis during the fourth year and must fulfill the following minimal requirements:

  • Title Page
  • Summary (in abstract form)
  • Critical review & citation of the work of previous investigators
  • Valid research design
  • Evidence of mastery of appropriate methodology, including description
  • Presentation & analysis of research data
  • Conclusions supported by the data
  • Literature presentation & complete bibliography

Before the written report is presented to the Office of Student Research and the Thesis Committee it must be approved in writing by the student's advisor and by a review committee in the department where the work was performed.

An Awards Committee critiques and ranks all student theses submitted for honors by various departments. The highest ranked papers are presented in a student program (Student Research Day held in May) chaired by the Dean of the School and widely attended by students and faculty. Thirteen prizes are awarded at graduation for outstanding student research.