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Master of Health Science Degree for Departments and Programs

Yale School of Medicine has established the 2 year Master of Health Science (MHS) Degree, for applicants with YSM resident, fellow, and faculty appointments in a department or program approved to award the MHS. The approved departments and programs, along with the respective name of the MHS Director, are listed below.

Applicants must contact the MHS Director in the Department or Program they are applying before submitting an application.

Departments or Programs Director
Anesthesiology Dr. Paul Heerdt
Dermatology Dr. Peggy Myung
Emergency Medicine Dr. Ula Hwang
Genetics Dr. Yong-Hui Jiang
Internal Medicine (General Medicine) Dr. Cary Gross
Internal Medicine (Cardiology) Dr. Ed Miller
Internal Medicine (Geriatrics) Dr. Thomas Gill
Internal Medicine (Gastrointestinal/Liver) Dr. Fred Gorelick
Internal Medicine (Infectious Disease) Dr. Jaimie Meyer
Internal Medicine (Nephrology) Dr. Lloyd Cantley
Internal Medicine (Occupational Medicine) Dr. Carrie Redlich
Internal Medicine (Oncology) Dr. Roy Herbst
Internal Medicine (Pulmonary) Dr. Margaret Pisani
Internal Medicine (Rheumatology) Dr. Rick Bucala
Laboratory Medicine Dr. Brian Smith
Neurology Dr. Jeremy Moeller
Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences Dr. Lubna Pal
Pediatrics Dr. Eugene Shapiro
Pnina Weiss (for MHS Medical Education applicants only)
Psychiatry Dr. Christopher Pittenger
Section of the History of Medicine Dr. Naomi Rogers
Surgical Residency Program Dr. Peter Gruber
Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) Scholars Program Dr. Eugene Shapiro
Yale Center for Medical Informatics Dr. Edward Melnick

March 3, 2023: deadline for all MHS applications to OSR.*

Early April: Decisions sent to all MHS applicants.

*For students applying to the Med Ed pathway, please visit the TLC website for the relevant application deadline.