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MD Master of Health Science Application Instructions

Yale School of Medicine has established a joint degree, the MD- Master of Health Science (MD/MHS) degree, for students completing a competitively funded full fifth year of research and other requirements. This program was approved by the Yale Corporation in January 2006.

There are two pathways to the MD/MHS degree for medical students. These are a clinical research pathway and a laboratory/translational pathway. The MD/MHS degree is centered around a fifth pull-out year supported by a fully-funded one-year medical student research fellowship at Yale (currently Yale NIH CTSA Multidisciplinary Pre-Doctoral Training Program in Translational Research, NIH-NIDDK, and Yale Endowment Fellowships).

NOTE: For students completing a joint MD/MHS, Step 1 and Step 2 CK must be taken by June 30 of each academic year. In the event that a student takes the exam by this deadline but subsequently receives a non-passing score, they will be administratively withdrawn due to being ineligible.

April 9: deadline for all MD-MHS applications to OSR

Early May: Decisions sent to all MD-MHS applicants.

July 1: Program begins

Please refer to the MD Thesis Deadlines here.

Application Components

  1. Applicant Information:
    • Self-explanatory.
  2. Thesis Advisor Information:
    • Information on the students’ primary thesis advisor.
  3. Department Thesis Chair:
    • Information on the student’s primary thesis advisor’s Department Thesis Chair.
  4. Three Person Thesis Committee:
    • Two additional full time faculty members are required and the Committee should meet with the student at least three times per year and in addition give final approval of the thesis. One faculty member must be from outside the department of the primary advisor. The primary faculty advisor serves as the first member of the committee. The third faculty member can be from the same department or an outside department. This member's research should be focused in translational or laboratory research if the student's research project is clinical or translational or clinical research if the student's research is laboratory based. Faculty on thesis committee need to have Yale appointments but not necessarily at Yale School of Medicine.
  5. Thesis Project Information:
    • Information on the student’s fully funded one year project.
  6. List of required courses for both pathways:
    • Self-explanatory.