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Three New Electives: Street Psychiatry, Family-oriented Primary Care & Biomedical Ethics

January 03, 2023

Several exciting new electives are being offered in the Advanced Training Period Curriculum this semester that we want to highlight.

Seminar in Biomedical Ethics

Each morning and afternoon, you will participate in a 90-minute seminar, consisting of a 30-minute talk by a faculty member, followed by a 60-minute discussion. Subjects will include history of bioethics, clinical ethics consultations, narrative ethics, the role of bioethics in policy making, ethical issues in OB/GYN, ethical issues related to the care of those with mental illness, pediatric ethics, landmark cases, and more.

The faculty will include outstanding teachers at Yale such as Jack Hughes, MD, Sarah Hull, MD, MBE, Ben Tolchin, MD, MS, Steve Latham, JD, Lori Bruce, HEC-C, Sarah Cross, MD, and others, as well as guest faculty from other institutions. Students should anticipate playing an active role in the discussions.

In addition to class time, there will be up to 10 hours of reading per week. To sign up, please contact If you have any questions, please reach out to

Dates: April 10-21, 2023, daily Monday through Friday

Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (including an hour off for lunch)

Format: seminar, maximum 15 students

Student’s Class Level: Open to all medical students beyond the second year

Course director: Mark Mercurio, MD, MA

Click this link for additional details.

Primary Care and the Family Elective

This two-week elective provides you with an immersion experience in a family-oriented primary care site. While primary care often focuses on the biopsychosocial model, this elective will provide you with additional experience focused specifically on family interactions within primary care. You will see patients, read selected papers, and complete a reflective paper on the topic.

Travel within greater New Haven may be required depending upon the number of students requesting the elective at a given time.

Length of rotation: Two weeks

Typical day start/end: 8:00 am-5:00pm (may include weekends)

Location: To be assigned by the elective director. First day report to Fair Haven Community Health Care, 150 Sargent Drive.

Student’s class level: 3rd-5th year

Prerequisite: Completion of the Primary Care & Psychiatry Clerkship

Course director: Ada Fenick, MD

Click this link for additional details.

Street Psychiatry Elective

Street Psychiatry is the practice of providing mental health and addiction care directly where homeless individuals reside, and involves both literally and philosophically meeting people “where they’re at.” You will join teams for street rounds/community-based drop-in clinics on a weekly basis, flexible to match with the schedules of trainees. You will participate in relationship-building with clients encountered on outreach rounds and offer services appropriate to a senior-level medical student under supervision.

Locations of outreach include: homeless shelters, soup kitchens, campsites in woods, public parks, and public indoor spaces (train station, library, etc.). An orientation process will precede street-based work, which will include orientation to the safety protocol, scope of practice expectations, supervision, overview of New Haven’s homeless population, resources to link patients to existing mental health providers and/or CMHC, and information about various local services.

Length/time of rotation: Longitudinal year-long rotation offered July-June weekly; half-day per week

Student’s Class Level: 4th & 5th year

Prerequisites: Must have completed the Psychiatry Clerkship

Course director: Emma Lo

Click this link for additional details.

Several more new electives are in the final stages of development. We look forward to sharing information about them once they are finalized and open for registration.

Submitted by Abigail Roth on January 04, 2023