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Tuition & Financial Aid

Learn about our financial aid and application process.

Students should consider the following items in planning expenditures for each year:

PA Academic Budget 2021-2022

Allocation 1st AY21 2nd AY21 3rd AY21
Tuition $46,708 $46,708 $15,569
Activity Fee $500 $500 $150
Books and Supplies $1,983 $514 $0
Equipment $633 $360 $0
Technology Fee $550 $550 $0
Room and Board $21,978 $21,978 $7,326
Personal and Transportation $5,208 $5,208 $1,736
Yale Hospitalization and Misc. Medical Expenses* $2,758 $2,758 $1,379
Travel to Rotations $563 $3,719 $1,349
Total Budget $80,881 $82,295 $27,509
Unit Loan Amount
Third Year $15,000
Dependency Allowance 1st AY21 2nd AY21 3rd AY21
First Child $4,977 $4,977 $1,659
Additional Children $3,499 $3,499 $1,140
Continuing Registration Fee
(post December graduates)

*As of March 1, rate not set by Yale Health

Budget Notes

  • Federal regulations require that we use a single student budget for all students. A federally-established Standard Maintenance Allowance will be added for married students and/or students with dependents.
  • Adjustments will be made to the standard single student budget for insurance and origination fees for Federal Direct (Unsubsidized) Loan.
  • The personal expense allowance, intended for laundry, clothing, entertainment, etc., assumes a modest level of spending during the year.

Click here to view the 2021-2022 academic year tuition rebate and refund policy.

Enrollment Fee

Upon acceptance to the Program, the applicant is required to remit $1,000 to secure his/her place in the incoming class. This fee is non-refundable. The fee defrays disability insurance costs and other essential medical insurance costs paid by the program. Please note that these medical expenses are independent of those paid by the student through Student Financial Accounts and Services.