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EL Teaching and Learning Center Medical Education Elective

This elective provides health care professional students with a unique opportunity to work together and explore their roles as teachers. The role of health care providers is deeply intertwined with their role as teachers - of patients and their families, of students, and of peers. The goal of this elective is to introduce health care professional students to their role as teachers. The elective makes use of didactic lectures, observations, group exercises, and teaching activities with the help of perse and talented faculty in order to facilitate the development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to help students develop their experience and identity as teachers as they transition to the next phase of their career.

Assessment will be built into the elective through self-reflection and feedback from peers and faculty. These will include homework assignments and teaching activities. Students will also be asked to self-assess their previous knowledge of and exposure to each of the topics described in the course. All students will complete a set of objective structured teaching encounters (OSTEs) at the end of the course. They will be directly observed by faculty facilitators.

Length of Rotation: 2 weeks (maximum-12 students)

Scheduling Restriction(s): Not Offered 2023-2024

Student’s Class Level: 3rd, 4th, 5th year and beyond for MD and/or MD/PhD. PA and RN students based on their schedule and availability.

Prerequisite(s): N/A

Accept Visiting Students: US - no; Int'l - yes. Visiting international students may combine this two-week elective with another elective to meet the four-week elective minimum requirement.

Learning Objectives