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Other Degree Programs


In addition, the School of Medicine and the Graduate School offer a program leading to the combined degrees of Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). There are 12 participating graduate programs in the MD/PhD Program:

Interdisciplinary/interdepartmental training programs in Molecular Cell Biology and the Neurosciences are also of interest to MD/PhD students. Special arrangements to carry out PhD work in other departments at Yale can be made, providing a program can be worked out in advance which is approved by the department concerned and the MD/PhD faculty committee.

The first two years of the MD/PhD program are devoted to the medical school curriculum; the remainder of the program, encompassing graduate training and clinical clerkships/electives, will be planned in conjunction with the Director of the MD/PhD Program. Students usually take courses in the graduate school during their first and second years, but are not asked to enroll in a graduate program until the completion of their second year. The summer between the first and second years is usually spent in lab rotation(s).


The School of Medicine offers a Master of Health Science (MHS) degree that can be obtained in conjunction with the MD by Yale medical students. Students may elect to pursue the joint MD/MHS program while they are in the MD program, and no tuition will be charged for the additional year that the MD/MHS program requires. For more information on the MD/MHS degree program, see:

Other Combined Degree Programs

Special arrangements may also be made to receive the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from the Yale School of Medicine combined with a degree from another Yale professional school. Yale medical students wishing to pursue a combined degree program generally apply to the other school while enrolled in the MD program. Options for combined degrees include: