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Letters of Recommendation

A Premedical Committee letter is recommended for all MD and MD/PhD candidates.

If your school does not have a Premedical Committee, you may submit at least three individual letters of recommendation. These letters should come from individuals who are in a position to comment knowledgeably on your accomplishments, abilities, experience, and/or personal qualifications. They may come from those who have taught you or worked with you in undergraduate or graduate school classes, in research settings, clinical settings, extracurricular or community service activities, professional settings, or other contexts. It is helpful to have at least one of the letters from someone in the sciences, but this is not mandatory. What is important is that the letters provide information and support that will be informative and helpful to the Admissions Committee, supplementing the information that appears elsewhere in your application.

Letters of recommendation may be sent via one of the following services:

Letters of recommendation can also be sent to:

Yale School of Medicine
Office of Admissions, ESH -D
367 Cedar St.
New Haven, CT 06510

MD/PhD Applicants

Letters of recommendation should be written by individuals who can evaluate your research potential as a physician-scientist. One letter should be from the research mentor with whom you have been most recently associated.

Letters of Recommendation Deadlines

  • Early Decision Program (EDP) applicants: August 31
  • All other MD and MD/PhD program applicants: November 15