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Early Decision

The Early Decision Program (EDP) allows prospective MD students to apply early to their first-choice school and be assured of a prompt decision. It is expected that only highly qualified applicants will apply to Yale under this program, and students who are accepted through the EDP agree to attend the school. Applicants to the combined MD/PhD program are not eligible to participate in the EDP.

Early Decision Program deadlines:

  • AMCAS application: August 1
  • Yale supplemental application: August 31
  • Recommendations and all other required materials: August 31

By October 1, Early Decision Program applicants will be told one of three things:

  • That they were accepted.
  • That a decision on their application was deferred and will be considered in the regular applicant pool
  • That they were rejected

For more detailed information, please review the Yale School of Medicine Bulletin.

Applicants accepted in the Early Decision Program are committed to attend Yale and will not be able to apply to other medical schools.

Early Decision Program applicants who are deferred or rejected will be released from their EDP commitment to Yale. Their "released" status will be transmitted to AMCAS, and they will then be able to submit applications to other medical schools.

Deferred EDP applicants will receive a final decision from Yale in March.