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Disability Services

Yale School of Medicine’s Strong Commitment to Support Students with Disabilities

The Office of Student Affairs at Yale School of Medicine (YSM) works closely with Yale's Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to support students with a wide range of disabilities, of differing severity levels. We want prospective and current students to know that YSM’s Office of Student Affairs and Student Accessibility Services (SAS) are outstanding resources should they need help with one or more disability. We also want to provide information about how the school can help students navigate challenges caused by disabilities during medical school, whether that disability pre-exists their arrival at YSM, develops while at school, or simply is recognized for the first time during a student’s time at YSM.

While there are certain Technical Standards regarding observation, communication, motor, intellectual, and behavioral and social functioning that applicants must meet to attend YSM, beyond these thresholds, people who may think they cannot pursue a career in medicine, often can successfully do so. This has been achieved at YSM through a combination of the determination of the individuals with disabilities, and the dedicated teamwork of members of the Yale community to develop creative, supportive solutions to reasonably accommodate students with disabilities. We encourage students to feel comfortable raising any limitation they are concerned about with YSM’s Associate Dean for Student Affairs and/or a member of the SAS office, to determine if a reasonable accommodation can be found. Students do not need a referral to meet with SAS, they can just reach out directly.