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Policy Review Subcommittee


The Policy Subcommittee (PSC) serves as a standing subcommittee of the Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (EPCC) of Yale School of Medicine. The PSC is charged with regularly reviewing policies for the medical program and making recommendations to EPCC. EPCC retains final authority for the approval of changes to educational policies.

Specific PSC charges include:

  • Work in close collaboration with medical education stakeholders to review all existing policies on a 5-year cycle to ensure policies are effective and consistent with ongoing operations, are equitable, meet institutional priorities, and are consistent with LCME accreditation standards.
  • Provide suggested amendments to policies with the rationale for change, to be reviewed by EPCC.
  • Serve as a consultation group for individuals and groups proposing new policies.


Appointed members will be selected based on their role in medical education. No term limits:

Director for Accreditation and CQI Strategy Development, chair (1)
Director of courses (1)
Director of clerkships (1)
Representative for the MD-PhD program1 (1)
Student2 (1)
Adjunct member3 (1-4)

1 One position will be filled by the Director of the MD-PhD program or their designee. 1
2 Students elected by the student body to the Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (EPCC) will determine a rotating schedule for participation on the policy subcommittee.
3 The committee will appoint up to 4 adjunct members. Adjunct members are full-time YSM faculty with an interest in medical education. These positions will be advertised on the medical education committees website and communicated to department chairs, directors of medical studies, and course/clerkship directors. Interested faculty members will be appointed to the committee for a 4-year term. If more than four faculty members express interest, final selection will be made by the chair of the EPCC.

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