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Alexander Marcus

Blaustein Post Doctoral Associate in JDST

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Alexander Marcus



Alexander Marcus is the Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Postdoctoral Associate in Ancient Judaism at Yale University. He holds a PhD in Religious Studies from Stanford University. His work focuses on Jewish communities of Late Antiquity, utilizing text-critical and rhetorical analyses to examine the Babylonian Talmud (~3rd–6th century CE) alongside contemporaneous Zoroastrian literature of the Sasanian elite, Christian, Mandaean, Armenian, and Manichaean literary productions, ancient Akkadian heritage traditions, and non-rabbinic Jewish texts and artifacts (e.g. Aramaic incantation bowls) deriving from Sasanian Mesopotamia. His research encompasses the broader classical rabbinic corpus, the corpora of neighboring religious communities of the Roman and Persian empires, and early medieval sources that inherited and transmitted these traditions. He engages matters of oral/textual production and transmission, biblical hermeneutics and narrative expansion, law, ritual, folklore, and other issues in the academic study of religion.

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