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Happy Pride! Some News & Activities for Pride Month

June 13, 2022

This month in honor of Pride, the Yale School of Medicine Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC) on LGBTQI+ Affairs is proud to share:

  • A review of some of our accomplishments from the past academic year
  • Summer planning for upcoming DAC initiatives in the fall
  • Links to local Pride celebration and event listings for this month
  • An invitation to get involved by joining one of our Working Groups or by becoming a member of the DAC board!

This year...

The DAC Curriculum Working Group made available two resources that serve as a concise introduction to inclusive, respectful LGBTQIA+ language. You can find the DAC brief summary of LGBTQIA+ Terminology here and a more comprehensive LGBTQIA+ Glossary of Terms for Teaching in Health Care here.

DAC’s free annual Q Forward conference, conducted virtually in Spring 2022, engaged and inspired future LGBTQIA+ leaders in health care, including health profession and undergraduate students from across the country and around the world, in the areas of research, clinical care, education, and policy/advocacy. Speakers and sessions focused on topics, such as intersectional identities in health care, gender affirming care, LGBTQI+ mental health, medical informatics, and more. Get involved in DAC and help plan Q Forward 2023!

Supporting its commitment to enhance LGBTQI+ health care delivery for our students, employees, and community members, the DAC Clinical Care Working Group has been busy developing a proposal for an LGBTQI Health Care Program! This spring and summer, our work toward the goal of creating accessible comprehensive care for local LGBTQI+ communities will focus on a first phase of the project: The DAC LGBTQI+ Medical Education Inventory Project. For more information, or to get involved in our work to identify and catalog all queer health education throughout Yale, click here!

Two summer projects...

…involve planning for fall activities, including a Current Events in Academic Medicine Panel Discussion in response to threats to individual privacy and personal decision-making (e.g., issues such as Roe v Wade and implications for reproductive choice; HIPAA and privacy in electronic health records; patient-provider relationships; gender-affirming care & queer health; and LGBTQI+ rights, in general). Another is planning for DAC involvement in enhancing inclusive learning environments in various training settings. Make sure to sign up for the DAC listserv for more information!

Celebrate Pride...

…with us at local events around Yale and throughout the state (note, some events in each list have already occurred but some are upcoming)!

There is so much happening, resilient community being built, and lots of work to be done!

To get involved in DAC initiatives:

Email if you are interested in joining a DAC Working Group or to join our Board. Please include “DAC” in the subject line!


…the Equality Act, which passed the House of Representatives in February 2021, would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation. To learn more about this federal legislation and find out how to get involved, click here.

Submitted by Liz Pantani on June 13, 2022