Undergraduate Medical Education

Medical Curriculum

Pre-Clinical Curriculum

Master Courses

  • Introduction to the Profession 
    • Interactive Activity: Making the Invisible Visible: Art, Identity, and Hierarchies of Power
  • Scientific Foundations 
    • Lecture: Towards Equity in Health: What’s the Agenda?”
  • Attacks and Development 
    • Lecture: HIV: Virology, Pathogenesis, History and Epidemiology
  • Homeostasis 
    • Lecture: Adrenal Disorders in Children: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and other diseases of the adrenal gland
  • Across the Lifespan 
    • Lecture: Abnormal Puberty 
    • Lecture: Amenorrhea 
    • Lecture: Healthcare for our LGBTQ Patients 
    • Lecture: Male and Female Genito-Urinary Embryology 
    • Lecture: Intersex: A Brief History
Year 1 - Integrated Curriculum

Year 2 - Integrated Curriculum

Longitudinal Courses

  • Professional and Ethical Responsibility 
    • Lecture: Bias, Racism, Privilege 
    • Lecture: Disparities in Health and Healthcare 
    • Small Group Discussion Case: Privileged Information
  • Clinical Skills Course 
    • Lecture: The Role of The Physician in Caring for LGBTQ Patients 
    • Standardized Patient Session: Female Health History 
    • Gynecological Teaching Associate Session: Breast and Pelvic Exam Practice with Gynecological Exam 
    • Andrological Teaching Associate Session: Urogenital Exam Practice with Andrological Exam

Longitudinal Threads

  • Public Health and Clinical Epidemiology 
    • Health and Human Rights Workshop 
    • Suicide as a Public Health Challenge Workshop

Clinical Curriculum

  • Joint Precede 
    • Lecture, workshop and standardized patient sessions: Implicit Assumptions and Care Delivery to Diverse Populations
  • Surgical Approach to the Patient 
    • Emergency Medicine Postcede: Panel Discussion on Interacting with Transgender and Intersex Patients
  • Biopsychosocial Approach to the Patient 
    • Lecture: Sexual Health
  • Women and Children's Health 
    • Lecture: Gender Incongruence in Children & Adolescents

Elective Curriculum

  • US Health Justice Course Class Sessions: LGBTQ Health
  • Clinical Elective: Family and Transgender Medicine Elective (Oneonta, NY)