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Primary Human CD34+ Cells

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Human CD34+ cells are widely utilized for modeling normal human hematopoiesis, either in vitro, or in vivo by transplantation into immunodeficient murine models. The Core will provide hematology researchers with purified, quality-controlled and cost-effective human CD34+ cell preparations, through a cost-recovery system.

To supply these cells, the Core will perform large-scale CD34 selections from mobilized peripheral blood collected via apheresis from healthy donors. In the Advanced Cell Therapy laboratory, which is a Good Manufacturing Protocol (GMP) facility run by Dr. Krause for clinical cell therapy research, selection of CD34+ cells utilizes the Miltenyi CliniMacs device. Core staff will cryopreserve CD34+ selected cells at concentrations of 1, 5 and 20 x 106/ml in 10% DMSO in 1 ml aliquots. We also provide excess unprocessed G-CSF mobilized apheresis-derived peripheral blood mononuclear cells for research by maintaining an inventory of units that would otherwise be discarded. The cost of cells will be lower than commercial vendors.

In addition, Core A will also perform custom large-scale CD34 selections for investigators who need large cell numbers and/or who perform parallel investigations on the CD34- cells from the same donors. 

Please contact Diane Krause for this special service.