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Postdoctoral Opportunities

Postdoctoral Associates

We are seeking highly motivated individuals to join the laboratory of Dr. Jiangbing Zhou at Yale University. The Zhou lab focuses on developing translational nanomedicine, gene therapy, and stem cell therapy for treatment of neurological disorders, such as brain cancer, stroke, and traumatic brain injury, through a unique combination of material science, biology, and engineering. Details of Dr. Zhou’s research can be found on or in the lab’s recent publications (Nature Biomedical Engineering, In press; Nature Cell Biology, In press; ACS Nano, 2016, 2018; Advanced Materials, 2018; Advanced Functional Materials, 2017; Nature Materials. 2012; PNAS, 2007, 2013).

Potential projects may involve: (1) synthesizing polymers for delivery of genetic materials, including CRISPR/Cas9; (2) engineering polymeric nanoparticles for systemic drug delivery to the brain; (3) developing biomimetic nanoparticles for cancer immunotherapy; and (4) studying the biology of genome editing. 

Applicants should have completed a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry, materials science, biomedical engineering, or related areas. High priority will be given to those candidates with strong background in polymer synthesis, nanoparticle engineering, and extensive experience in animal studies. Interested applicants please send a brief statement of interest and curriculum vitae with contact information for three references to Dr. Zhou by email.