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Welcome to the Yale Endocrine Neoplasia Laboratory


The Yale Endocrine Neoplasia Laboratory (YENL) is uniquely positioned to become an international leader in the scientific studies of endocrine tumors. We offer a research environment of highest quality, dedicated to train clinical and non-clinical scientists to become future leaders in the field of endocrine tumor research. We seek to identify, train and transform ardent student, resident and fellow investigators into accomplished career scientific investigators relentlessly working to bring innovative advancements in the medical and surgical management of endocrine tumor patients.

The research philosophy of YENL is based on the complementary approaches of translational and reverse-translational research.  Our research portfolio has four phases: a strong foundation of cell & molecular biology basic research; a discovery phase using latest genetic & epigenetic screens; a validation phase using modern clinicopathological tools, and a patient-based clinical and surgical outcome analysis phase.  The fundamentals of our success rely on (a) our team of clinically active scientific investigators, and (b) fruitful collaborations with the pioneers in the fields of human genetics, functional genomics, protein biochemistry and histopathology.  

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