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Full Shepherd bibliography with chapters, reviews and books available here.

Video: Computational Modeling

Computational Modeling Video
Recognition of odor images, and the importance of retronasal smell, are giving us a new understanding of how the brain creates the perception of food flavor.

Wilfrid Rall research notebooks (1962-1972), correspondence and scientific instruments

We stand on the shoulders of giants. I’ve explored this perspective in studies of the founding of the neuron doctrine (two eds.), the role of Wilfrid Rall in creating computational neuroscience, the rise of modern neuroscience in the 1950s, Angelo Mosso and the origins of brain imaging and cognitive neuroscience, and a biography in preparation of John Farquhar Fulton.

The Spanish TV dramatization of the breakthrough of Ramon y Cajal that launched the beginning of modern neuroscience at the cellular level.