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News and Events

Oct 2020: Josh and PeiQi's paper on PIKfyve complex is published in Mol. Cell. Congratulations!
May 2020: PeiQi's paper on VPS13 is published in J Cell Biol. Congratulations!
April 2019: Diana and Shenliang's paper on ATG2 is published in J Cell Biol. Congratulations!
March 2019: Alireza, Neng and Zhouping join the lab. Welcome!
Sept 2018: Nikit successfully defends his thesis and graduating with a PhD. Congratulations, Nikit!
Aug 2018: Nikit and Marianna's paper on Vps13 is published in J Cell Biol. Congratulations!
May 2018: Patreece Suen joins the lab as our newest graduate student.
March 2018: Diana and Flo's paper is published in EMBO Journal. Congratulations!
Dec. 2017: Josh's paper on PI4KIIIalpha is published in PNAS. Congratulations, Josh!
March 2017: Graduate student PeiQi Li joins the lab. Welcome!
Feb. 2017: Josh and Mirko's paper on TMEM24 is published in Science. Congratulations!
May 2016: Curtis graduates with a PhD receives the Marry Ellen Jones Dissertation Prize for most distinguished dissertation in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry this year. Congratulations!
April 2016: Congratulations to Diana on winning an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.
Nov. 2015 : Xudong's paper is out in Nature Cell Biology!
Sept. 2015: Congratulations to Flo on his Dev Cell paper!
May 2015: Diana joins the lab. Welcome!
Sept. 4, 2003 - March 16, 2015: Sirius
August 2014: Yiying's paper is published in J. Cell Biology!
May 2014:

* Curtis' paper is published in Nature.

* Xudong graduates with a PhD. Congratulations Dr. Wu!

April 2014: Nikit is awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations, Nikit!
January 2014: Xudong's paper is published in Developmental Cell!
Left: Diana Valverde, PeiQi Li, Patreece Suen, Karin Reinisch, Nikit Kumar, Joshua Lees, Florian Horenkamp
Left: Karin Reinisch, Florian Horenkamp, Nikit Kumar, Diana Valverde, Joshua Lees
Xudong's Graduation Dinner at Karin's House (May 2014).
Left: Karin Reinisch, Xudong Wu, Nikit Kumar, Curtis Schauder, Joshua Lees