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Research topics include:

Computational Psychiatry

anticorrelatedThe neuropathologies of psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia are hypothesized to be caused by perturbations to local cortical circuits and long-range interactions among them. In collaboration with researchers in Yale Psychiatry, we are exploring the circuit-level effects of synaptic perturbations, and the implications for associated cognitive deficits. In turn, we are using model predictions to inform the design of new experiments.

Neural Data Analysis

doubly_stochasticWe apply diverse analysis techniques to datasets of neural activity, to better understand the neural circuit basis of the brain’s computational capabilities. There is a fruitful interplay between computational modeling and data analysis: Model predictions suggest analyses of experimental data, which in turn inform further development of models. We work with a variety of data, from single-neuron spike trains, to human neuroimaging, to behavior.

Distributed Neural Circuits for Cognition

pfc_ppcWorking memory and decision-making involve a distributed interacting network of brain areas. We model cognitive functions in distributed models of reciprocally interacting modules, and relate to electrophysiological and neuroimaging data.