Welcome to the Mor Laboratory

The main interests of our laboratory are to examine the role of the immune system and inflammation in both pregnancy outcome as well as ovarian cancer formation. The objectives of the laboratory are to:

  • Understand the immune regulatory function of the placenta and how viral infections might disrupt its function
  • Understand how ovarian tumors control an anti- tumor response through the secretion of immune modulatory factors
  • Focus on how the surrounding inflammatory microenvironment contributes to the progression of both models

We have developed in vitro and in vivo models for infection and ovarian cancer formation that allows us to dissect the molecular and cellular aspects involved in these processes.

The laboratory has also active screening programs for drug discovery (targeting the ovarian cancer stem cells) and immune regulation for uterine receptivity and infection.


Ovarian Cancer Program

The objectives of the laboratory are to understand the role of ovarian cancer stem cells in the process of tumor formation, recurrence and chemoresitance.

Pregnancy Immunology Program

Research in our laboratory includes trophoblast biology, immune cells regulation and function at the maternal/fetal interface, and infection in pregnancy.