Available Equipment & Software

2017 Equipment List

Abberior logo 180W
  • Abberior compact STEDYCON for the conversion of epifluorescence microscopes to a STED system.
    Can be reserved for up to 1 hrs for guided use in TAC N237.
BioTek logo
  • BioTek Lionheart FX automated microscope for longterm live-cell imaging with environmental control.
    Can be reserved for up to 1 hrs for guided use in TAC N229.


GE logo 80H

  • FEI Tecnai F20 cryo electron microscope with detector
    Can be reserved for up to 1 hr for guided use in the Yale EM facility in the SHM IE wing.
  • FEI Vitrobot automatic plunger
    Demonstrated only in the Yale EM facility.



  • Leica EM ICE high pressure freezer with integrated light and electrical stimulation for vitrification of biological specimens. (pdf with additional information)
    Availalbe for demonstration in TAC N223.
  • Leica EM Cryo CLEM system with cryo stage, cryo objective and transfer system for fluorescence microscopy prior to EM. (pdf with additional information).
    Availalbe for demonstration in TAC N223. 
  • Leica EM GP Grid Plunger - sadly, was unable to be delivered in time for the workshop.
  • Leica SP8 TCS STED for super resolution and confocal microscopy, with 405nm and tunable white light laser
    Can be reserved for 1 hr of guided use in SHM IE wing CCMI facility. 
    Note! Sample prep is critical! See this guide for advice. Please also feel free to write for more suggestions on preferred fluorophores (christine.hanko@leica-microsystems.com).


  • Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7 automated live-cell imaging system with integrated image analysis
    Can be reserved for 1 hr of guided use in TAC N231
  • Zeiss Airyscan cryo-confocal for correlative cryo-EM microscopy
    Can be reserved for 1 hr of guided use

Featured Software for Post Acquisition Image Analysis

FEI logo
  • Amira software
    Enables unique rendering options and analytic modalities for 3D/4D data sets.
EMD MIllipore logo 2
  • Amnis Ideas software
    Analyzes imaging flow cytometry data using "virtual cell sorting", intuitive logical functions and unique plotting options.
CellProfiler logo
  • Cell Profiler Analyst   
    Free open-source software for flexible biological image analysis. Create pipelines for reproducible, automated measurements of cells, tissues and organisms. 
               miCAT logo
  • miCAT software
    Academic software designed for highly-multiplexed image analysis and analytic presentations such as t-SNE maps and scatter plots.

Featured Accessories

Bioptechs logo


  • Bioptechs FCS2 enclosed environmental chamber for long-term live-cell imaging with laminar flow perfusion

Molecular probes.jpg

Molecular Probes / Invitrogen