Available Equipment & Software

2017 Equipment List

Abberior logo 180W
  • Abberior compact STEDYCON for the conversion of epifluorescence microscopes to a STED system. Can be reserved for up to 1 hrs for guided use in TAC N237.
BioTek logo
  • BioTek Lionheart FX automated microscope for longterm live-cell imaging with environmental control. Can be reserved for up to 1 hrs for guided use in TAC N229.


GE logo 80H




  • Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7 automated live-cell imaging system with integrated image analysis
    Can be reserved for 1 hr of guided use in TAC N231
  • Zeiss Airyscan cryo-confocal for correlative cryo-EM microscopy
    Can be reserved for 1 hr of guided use

Featured Software for Post Acquisition Image Analysis

FEI logo
  • Amira software
    Enables unique rendering options and analytic modalities for 3D/4D data sets.
EMD MIllipore logo 2
  • Amnis Ideas software
    Analyzes imaging flow cytometry data using "virtual cell sorting", intuitive logical functions and unique plotting options.
CellProfiler logo
  • Cell Profiler Analyst   
    Free open-source software for flexible biological image analysis. Create pipelines for reproducible, automated measurements of cells, tissues and organisms. 
               miCAT logo
  • miCAT software
    Academic software designed for highly-multiplexed image analysis and analytic presentations such as t-SNE maps and scatter plots.

Featured Accessories

Bioptechs logo


  • Bioptechs FCS2 enclosed environmental chamber for long-term live-cell imaging with laminar flow perfusion

Molecular probes.jpg

Molecular Probes / Invitrogen