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Graduate and Medical Students

AZA Allsop Psychiatry Resident, Yale School of Medicine

Termara Parker Graduate Student (PhD), Yale Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program

Melissa Zhou Medical Student 2020, Yale School of Medicine

Undergraduate Students

Shara Reimer Northwestern University 2023, Neuroscience

Arielle Belluck Wellesley College 2022, Psychology

Alana Eiland Yale College 2021, Psychology

Lauren Singer Yale College 2021, Psychology

Ellie Gabriel Yale College 2022, Biomedical Engineering

Chloe Simon Yale College 2023, Neuroscience

Deirdre Flanagan Yale College 2023, Neuroscience

Interested in Joining our Team?

The McPartland lab offers fellowships for both post-graduate and post-doctoral candidates with an interest in cognitive neuroscience and clinical research in autism.

To learn more about these positions and other training opportunities in our lab, please contact