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"The Perch" Publishes its Latest Issue

December 11, 2019

The Perch, a literary, visual arts, and music journal, is pleased to announce publication of its fifth issue. A project of the Yale Program for Recovery & Community Health produced under the editorship of co-director Michael Rowe, PhD, The Perch complements the program’s core focus on mental health in all its dimensions, from personal to community-based to its engagement with broad social concerns. The Perch strives to capture many aspects of mental health—physical, emotional, social, civic, political, cultural, spiritual, and more—and to expand the mental health narrative to include new and unexpected voices, ideas, and creative expressions.

The journal's fifth issue includes poetry, non-fiction, visual art, and music. Contributions were chosen from over 1,200 pieces submitted. This year's writers and artists come from across the U.S. and abroad.

View the latest issue of The Perch here.

Submitted by Lucile Bruce on December 06, 2019