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INSAR 2018 - Accepted Posters and Awards for Members of the McPartland Lab

March 12, 2018

Congratulations to all the members of the McPartland lab whose abstract submissions were accepted as Posters to be presented at the International Society for Autism Research Annual Meeting in Rotterdam, Netherlands. A special congratulation to those who also received Travel Awards to the annual INSAR meeting this May.

INSAR Awards:

Melody Altschuler, Talena Day, Taylor Halligan, Morgan McNair, Kathryn McNaughton, Tatiana Winkelman

INSAR Poster presentations:

Melody Altschuler, Talena Day, Kimberly Ellison, Taylor Halligan, Ester Hamo, Simone Hasselmo, Scott Jackson, Ela Jarzabek, Brianna Lewis, Takumi McAllister, Morgan McNair, Kathryn McNaughton, Adam Naples, Kaiulani Shulman, Dylan Stahl, Tatiana Winkelman, Robin Wu

Submitted by Nicole R Wright on March 12, 2018