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2019 School of Medicine Graduate Is Named a STAT "Wunderkind"

November 18, 2019

Sudhakar Nuti, MD '19, has been named a 2019 "Wunderkind" by the life sciences publication STAT. The "Wunderkind" honor, in its third year, identifies, in STAT's words, "the most impressive doctors and researchers on the cusp of launching their careers but not yet fully independent. All are blazing new trails as they attempt to answer some of the biggest questions in science and medicine."

“The question that drives all the work we do is, how do we improve the health and well-being of people in America, especially those in the neediest positions,” Nuti told STAT. “The goal is to really use research to inform better health policies and programs to pursue health equity and improve population health.” Nuti, now a primary-care resident at Massachusetts General Hospital, is an immigrant from India, and one of his goals is to give others who come to this country a chance to live the life they hope for. Much of that, he says, depends on their being able to enjoy good health.

In announcing Nuti's honor, STAT cites a study published in 2016 that looked at how the Veterans Affairs (VA) health system’s care for non-VA patients compared with its care for veterans. In STAT's words, "His team found that the quality of care was equally good for both sets of patients, ultimately playing a role in the debate over privatizing the VA health care system."

Nuti's primary mentor during his years at the School of Medicine was Harlan M. Krumholz, MD, Harold H. Hines Professor of Medicine and director of the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation. Krumholz says Nuti is "a brilliant, kind, and compassionate individual with a drive to produce scholarship that will improve health and particularly reduce disparities. He has a keen sense of the challenges faced by those with limited resources and seeks opportunities to identify opportunities to improve." Krumholz adds, "I am so proud of what he has accomplished and eager to watch his career unfold. He has unlimited promise to make important contributions to medicine and health care."

Nuti is also a 2013 graduate of Yale College. His first academic exposure to Yale came when he was a student at New Haven's Hill Regional Career High School, and qualified to enroll in the Anatomy Teaching Program taught by medical students on Yale’s campus.

Submitted by Robert Forman on November 18, 2019