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Linda Zhou

My experience in the Lombroso lab was excellent on all fronts. As a second semester freshman with a budding interest in neuroscience, I found that both Paul and the other scientists in the lab were always willing to sit down and answer my questions, explain their projects, or help me develop my own ideas. I was immediately allowed to take on an important project, and was fully supported as I learned new techniques to complete my project. By the end of a summer, I was extremely comfortable with running a Western Blot, immunohistochemistry, data analysis, and handling live animal studies. I was also able to read and understands volumes of academic literature. I never felt alone or struggling, but also never felt dependent on my mentor for my own progress. I was constantly given opportunities to take on individual projects that interested me. I especially liked the summer seminars that Paul led; these were a great way learn advanced material related to what I was studying and showed how invested Paul is into every undergraduate's education and experience. Every member of the Lombroso Lab is equally supportive and encouraging in all aspects of the lab. My time in the Lombroso Lab was a great experience and I learned things that I will carry with me throughout my education.