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Joanna Mattis

I worked in the Lombroso Lab from the summer after my Sophomore year (2004) through my graduation (2006). I had only a little research experience, and no wet lab experience, when I first joined the lab, and I credit Paul's mentorship for my transition from a nervous novice to an independent researcher. I ended up enjoying research in general, and the Lombroso Lab in particular, so much that I joined the BS/MS program, which entailed working 20+ hours per week through the last two years of college and writing a thesis. The experience that I gained in planning, executing, and evaluating experiments was extremely helpful preparation for graduate school, and I am sure that my work in the Lombroso Lab played a big part in my success in fellowship applications (I spent a year doing an MPhil in Cambridge after graduation) and in my applications to MD/PhD programs (I am currently a Stanford MSTP student).

The Lombroso Lab is a great place to get basic science training, but I particularly recommend it for students who are interested in a career combining research and clinical work. The Child Study Center is a very special environment, with clinicians and researchers constantly interacting and collaborating together towards a shared goal, and it was very motivating to be mentored by someone who actively sees patients and runs a lab. Paul's example and his encouragement were major factors in my decision to pursue an MD/PhD. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!