Christopher Marnell

I am an MCDB - Neurobiology major, and I began working in the Lombroso Lab during the summer of 2011. I have always held a particular interest in studying the molecular neurobiology of learning and memory, one of the few processes fleshed out to a degree that we can study from the mind (through behavior) all the way down to the level of molecules (through molecular biology and biochemical techniques). Currently, my work focuses on characterizing potential substrates of STEP, and studying the potential role of major vault protein (MVP) in certain forms of autism. Better understanding these mechanisms will allow us to learn more about certain disorders of learning and memory. 

My mentor, Jian, and all the other members of the lab have been incredibly supportive, and have been so helpful in guiding my growth as a researcher. Dr. Lombroso's commitment to training undergraduates in his lab is shared by all the lab's members, who are both strong scientists and great people. Working in the Lombroso Lab has been such a rewarding experience, and I look forward to continuing to cultivate my interests in learning and memory through my research on STEP.