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Yongfang Zhang

My project in the Lombroso lab was to test the hypothesis that reducing STEP levels in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease would reverse the biochemical and cognitive deficits. I was very fortunate to be able to show this and it was a very exciting translational project (Zhang et al., in press). One implication of these finding is that STEP inhibitors may prove therapeutic for this devastating disorder. Since I came to the lab, Dr. Lombroso helped me gain various skills, not only in research, but also to improve my speaking and writing skills. The best part of working in the Lombroso Lab was the team of people with whom I worked. They all love science so much, and I learned a lot from them. Dr. Lombroso encouraged communication amongst us, which in the end is very helpful. He provided us the freedom to consider conflicting views and to make our own evaluation of data. As a PI, he was always pushing us forward and keeping us focused, but it helped us make great progress on the research. I am very lucky to have been in this lab for three years.