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Yaer Hu

The Lombroso lab consists of an international group of scientists working in translational neuroscience. Sometimes we debate vigorously around a research problem, but often we unify behind decisions. I am excited to have been a part of the team. Professor Lombroso is a fabulous PI. He is well-organized, a great teacher and an extremely intelligent man. He is demanding, but always fair. More importantly, he always spent time discussing with us and helped us to develop problem-solving skills. His knowledge, sense of humor and intellectual insights adds to making the lab a fun and top-notch scientific environment. Since I left Paul’s lab in December of 2006, I was employed by Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine as a Professor and Director of Experimental Nuclear Medicine, Research Laboratory of Cell Regulation and the Key Laboratory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My chief research area is receptors and signal transduction pathways that are disrupted in chronic neurodegenerative diseases. The emphasis is on the regulatory mechanisms of the active components from traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs are effective in treating these disorders. Dr. Lombroso remains extremely helpful and supportive for both research and career advice. I am lucky to continue to count him as a mentor, and look forward to future collaborations.