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Chimezie Ononenyi

I am a recent graduate from the graduate biomedical science program at Quinnipiac University. I earned my bachelors in biology from University of Minnesota and have been a member of Lombroso lab since January 2010. My thesis project involved studying various compounds under the guidance of a postdoc, to identify ones that could inhibit the activity of STEP protein. Simultaneously, I assist postdocs on other projects using the skills that I have acquired thus far.

Being a member of Lombroso lab and ongoing research has been very exciting and rewarding. As a student, my interest lies in neuropathological disorders, both from research and clinical perspectives. Quinnipiac does not have a neuroscience department and I have been very privileged to pursue my interest in Lombroso lab. Paul's lab is very welcoming to students like me who have little or no background in research, and the postdocs are very friendly and approachable.