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Human Microbiome Studies

The Yale School of Medicine

We are conducting a microbiome pilot study in collaboration with researchers at the Hospital for Special Surgery (Drs. Doruk Erkan and Cassyanne Aguiar). We are actively recruiting patients in the greater New Haven and New York areas. We are looking for patients with rheumatic diseases including lupus and antiphospholipid syndrome as well as non-autoimmune clotting disorders. The latter include patients with a history of stroke, lung clots, deep vein thrombosis or any other thrombotic events. Patients can be on anticoagulation or not. More details about the current study can be found at

We are also interested in studying healthy subjects. We typically sample blood and stool at several time points in patients and healthy donors.

We recently launched also a microbiome study that involves skin and mouth sampling in addition to blood and stool sampling. Except for the blood draw, none of the sampling procedures are invasive. Sampling of body surfaces can be performed during a single visit. For stool sampling, a kit will be provided including express courier labels to ship samples to the research laboratory.

All study subjects will be remunerated for their efforts. Please contact our study coordinator for further details or if you are interested in participating in a study:

Irene R Matos RN
Yale Center for Clinical Investigation
2 Church Street South, Suite 401
New Haven, CT 06519