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Dr. Khoshnood has focused his work in research ethics on three areas: 

a) unique challenges in research involving human subjects who are engaged in illegal and/or stigmatized behaviors,

b) ethical issues in short-term, student-led global health research projects

c) strengthening ethical review programs for U.S sponsored international research in resource-limited settings.  

Global Health Research Training for Students

Downs Fellow, Jasmine Carver, travelled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti for her research.
This program was developed in response to Downs Fellows experiences around the world and now includes pre-departure training, mid-project check-ins by mentors, and post project debriefing for interns upon their return to Yale. Yale faculty in medical bioethics review case studies with the fellows and help students gain a broader perspective and insight toward their research. A student-driven initiative, this examination of real-life situations encountered abroad has played a role in publication of several student-authored papers in major journals and has been presented at the American Medical Student Association Conference. 

In addition, Dr. Khoshnood co-teaches the Seminar in Research Ethics (EPH 515) with Bruce Jennings, who is Director of Bioethics at the Center for Humans and Nature as well as Methods and Ethics in Global Health Research (HLTH 325/ GLBL 323/ INTS 249/ INRL 525) for students in Yale College and the Graduate School.
This training program for Chinese researchers and health professionals focusses on multi-disciplinary research methodologies, bioethics and ethical review of research.


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