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Publications with a Focus on the Region

  1. While international attention to COVID-19 has faded, refugees and displaced people remain exceptionally vulnerable to disease transmission, especially in complex emergencies:
    Alawa, J., Alawa, N., Coutts, A. Sullivan, R., Khoshnood, K., Fouad M.F. Addressing COVID-19 in humanitarian settings: a call to action. Confl Health 14, 64 (2020)
  2. This chapter outlines key methodological and ethical issues that researchers face when conducting social science and health research with forcibly displaced populations, such as many of those affected by the earthquake:
    Kaveh Khoshnood, Alison Mosier-Mills, Veena Pillai. Methodological and Ethical Challenges in Research with Forcibly Displaced Populations. In The Health of Refugees: Public Health Perspectives from Crisis to Settlement. Publisher: Oxford University Press. 2019.
  3. This paper evaluates the provision of preventative health services to Syrian refugees in Turkey. The earthquake has impacted many health facilities in the region and the need for effective preventative care is more important than ever:
    Jude Alawa, Parmida Zarei and Kaveh Khoshnood. Evaluating the Provision of Health Services and Barriers to Treatment for Chronic Diseases among Syrian Refugees in Turkey: A Review of Literature and Stakeholder Interviews. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019. 16(15):2660.
  4. This study focuses on the use of digital resources by refugees to access services, and information, and its essential part in the modern aid paradigm; in 2023, the use of mobile devices remains widespread and critical for survivors:
    M Latonero, D Poole, J Berens (2019). Refugee connectivity: A survey of mobile phones, mental health, and privacy at a Syrian refugee camp in Greece. Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Data & Society Research Institute
  5. This note assesses gaps in research, practice, and perception of mental health services and advocates for new work to address these gaps:
    Jefee-Bahloul H and Khoshnood K. Mental health research in the Syrian humanitarian crisis. Front Public Health. 2014. 2:44.
  6. This study evaluates a methodology for mental health surveillance of major depressive disorder in refugee populations:
    Poole, D. N., Liao, S., Larson, E., Hedt-Gauthier, B., Raymond, N. A., Bärnighausen, T., & Smith Fawzi, M. C. (2020). Sequential screening for depression in humanitarian emergencies: a validation study of the patient health questionnaire among Syrian refugees. Annals of general psychiatry, 19(1), 1-10.
    Methodology case study:
    Poole, D. N., Raymond, N. A., Berens, J., Latonero, M., Ricard, J., & Hedt-Gauthier, B. (2021). A combination sampling approach for epidemiologic research in humanitarian settings: a case analysis of a study of depressive disorder prevalence among refugees in Greece. BMC Public Health, 21(1), 1-7.
  7. This paper investigates US media representation of Syrian refugees:
    Chen K, Babaeianjelodar M, Shi Y, Janmohamed K, Sarkar R, Weber I, Davidson T, De Choudhury M, Huang Jonathan, Yadav S, Khudabukhsh A, Nakov PI, Bauch CT, Papakyriakopoulos O, Khoshnood K, Kumar N. Partisan US News Media Representations of Syrian Refugees. In: ICWSM 2023: International Conference on Web and Social Media.
  8. These notes advocate for ongoing oncology care for displaced Syrians and others in humanitarian response settings:
    John W. Carew, Mohamed Hamze, Bassel Atassi, Aula Abbara, Kaveh Khoshnood. Investment in cancer prevention and care for forcibly displaced Syrians is an urgent priority. JCO Global Oncology. 2023 :9
    Jude Alawa, Cosette Maiky, Kaveh Khoshnood, Fouad M. Fouad. Cancer Prevention and Treatment in Humanitarian Contexts: An Urgent and Unmet Need. Lancet Oncol. 2019. 20(12):1635-1636.
  9. This review paper investigates interventions for anti-microbial resistance in low- and middle-income countries that have experienced conflict:
    Reffat N. Khoshnood, K. Dembry, L. Evidence-based Interventions for Antimicrobial Resistance in Conflict-Afflicted Arab Countries. Handbook of Healthcare in the Arab World. Springer Publishing. 2021.