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Protocols for In Situ Robot

in Situ Robot

These protocols are for the in situ robot. Taking a bit of time to double check the valve tubes are in the correct solutions will save more work later. Download the protocols by clicking the links.

1) Step By Step protocol for using the robot, with checkboxes. This is a general protocol for use with any program.

2) In Situ Protocol steps with total solution volumes needed for each tray size for Trop and Laevis Day 1 and Day 2 protocols. Also gives valve numbers for each solution, as well as the initial amount of solution you need to add to your tray for the first step. This sheet also give information for running the Cleaning cycle.

3) This excel file gives the total solution volumes needed for each tray size for all protocols: in Situ: XenDay1/LaevisDay1, in Situ: XenDay1 NoPK/Laevis Day1 noPK, in Situ: XenDay 2, Western Blot and Immuno. It also lists the valve numbers for each solution for each protocol. At bottom right there is a quick reference for preparing solutions. For most solutions, the amount of each reagent needed to prepare 50ml of solution is shown. You can adjust the volumes if you need more or less solution for your tray size. For Antibody, the amount of each reagent is listed for each tray size.