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Marine Biotech X-Mod

The X-Mod is an older Marine Biotech system. It is a stand alone rack with tanks holding 15 liters. It has a biofilter for converting ammonia to nitrates, a carbon filter for removing chemical contaminants, and a mechanical particle filter for removing solid debris. There are UV lights for pathogenic microorganisms. We have added on a fluorescent timed lighting system on a 12:12 cycle. There is no monitoring or dosing equipment on the rack.

Note: This particular system is no longer available.

We mainly use this system for "storage" of clutches we are not presently using, but which may be useful in the future, or housing of less "important" animals. We are hesitant to keep important animals here due to the lack of monitoring equipment.

X-Mod Advantages:

The large tanks allow housing of large clutches of adult frogs.

The large tanks are easy to see into, and stay relatively clean, thus requiring little maintenance other than regular tank changing.


The large tanks are very heavy when full, and are problematic to handle, especially when they are on the higher shelves.

The lack of monitoring equipment means water quality monitoring must be done manually. Any problems with the system function will go undetected if someone is not present to observe.

The system does not work well for raising tadpoles. The tanks are too large and system lacks the monitoring and dosing equipment essential to ensuring a stable environment for delicate tadpoles. The filtering system cannot handle the fine waste produced by tadpoles and requires very frequent filter cleaning to prevent clogging.