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This section covers facility and housing aspects of our frog colony, including:

Environmental conditions in our facility

Descriptions, advantages and disadvantages of our frog housing systems, including our main recirculating and X-Mod systems.

  • NOTE: We no longer use the Self-Made Tank Systems , but information on supplies and instructions to build them is available at the Harland Lab Website. While these systems do require some effort to construct, the low initial cost compared to commercial systems make the self-made system a good option if your budget precludes the more expensive systems.

A commercial system with water quality control has many benefits. A major concern with standing water systems is the potential for disease spread. When stressed, we have found frogs in such a system often show signs of disease. We have not had any cases of acute Mycobacteria in our re-circulating systems. While the organism may be present, we believe the UV lights are critical to mitigating bacterial loads. We would recommend converting to such a system when financially feasible.

Facility cleaning and maintenance procedures, including a list of suppliers.

Much of the information in this section has been learned through experience and experimentation, as there is little definitive information on the care of Xenopus tropicalis. We update this website as information becomes available. We would greatly appreciate suggestions, additions and improvements from the community. We will make this information available and provide due credit.

Additional information on X. tropicalis Husbandry can be obtained at the Harland and Grainger Tropicalis websites.