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Xenopus tropicalis ESTs

A number of groups are producing ESTs for X. tropicalis. In addition, there is a concerted effort to create a X. tropicalis unique genome-wide full length cDNA resource in an expression vector.

Sanger Center/Wellcome Trust - Over 150,000 ESTs have been generated at the Sanger Center/Wellcome trust for X. tropicalis. These EST sequences are available on the Sanger/Wellcome site by blast or FTP. In addition Mike Gilchrist has created a

database of ESTs

with algorithms to predict which are full length in an effort to create a full length cDNA resource. These sequences have also been deposited into the NCBI database and are availble by BLAST. These libraries have been cloned into CS107 into the EcoRI (5') and Not I (3') sites. Clones can be obtained through Geneservice.

NIH/NCI - The NIH is also producing ESTs.for X. tropicalis. These sequences are available from NCBI and BLAST. Clones can be obtained from the IMAGE consortium. In addition, the NCI is also initiating a full length sequencing project.

Genoscope - Genoscope has generated a number of ESTs. These ESTs come from libraries derived from Ivory Coast frogs. The sequences have been deposited into the NCBI database.

JGI - The Joint Genome Institute (JGI) has also and continues to sequence a massive number for X. tropicalis ESTs. The sequences are deposited in genbank for searching.