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Genomic Resources for X. tropicalis

Genome Sequencing - The X. tropicalis genome is being sequenced by the JGI with funding from the Department of Energy (DOE). The progress of sequencing and assembly is evaluated regularly by the Steering Committee, which makes recommendations for further improvements. Summaries of the meetings are available (most recent meeting).

Metazome - The Center for Integrative Genomics and the JGI have created a website that clusters genes from various species as well as provides syntenic information.

Unique Full length Expression Library - A significant effort is underway to create a complete genome-wide full length cDNA library that is in appropriate vectors for expression cloning. Given the impressive success of EST sequencing and bioinformatics (Wellcome and NIH/NCI) to cluster and identify putative full length clones, a complete Xenopus gene set appears to be an acheivable and highly-desirable goal.

ESTs - Xenopus ESTs are massive in number and growing!

EST Clusters/Full length Clones - Mike Gilchrist has created a database of EST clusters which can be used to predict/choose putative full length clones.

BAC Library - Bac libraries are available for X. tropicalis from CHORI

WashU Mapping - BACs are being fingerprinted and end sequenced to create a physical map at the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center.

Linkage Map - the group at U. of Houston are compiling a microsatellite map and have protocols for amplifying microsatellites to detect polymorphisms

NIBB XDB - a library of in situ hybridizations of X. laevis/tropicalis genes.

Axeldb - a library of in situ hybridizations of X. laevis/tropicalis genes.

Comparative Genomics at LLNL - These tools identify regions of the genome that are evolutionarily conserved.

Genomic Links - this page provides a list of websites that are useful tools for analyzing genomic sequence.