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In our genetic screen, we have identified a number of potential mutants with interesting phenotypes. Images of the mutants are listed below along with a preliminary designation of the mutation. Many of these mutants are preliminary and need to be confirmed in subsequent generations.

There are a few mutations that have been discovered in the background of the inbred strains. We have identified these mutations over and over again in multiple different animals. Complementation testing has shown that each of these phenotypes isolated in different founders occurs at the same locus.

We have chategorized the mutations into a few groups. Confirmed mutants have been passed through at least one generation. Potential mutations have been seen in at least one mating. Typically that mating is repeated and then if seen, evaluated in the next generation. If the mutations is present in the next generation, it becomes confirmed. Background mutants are present in multiple founders or in animals that have not been exposed to mutagenesis.

Mutant Phenotype

axanthic: confirmed non-lethal recessive background mutation of pigment system


grinch: confirmed background mutation possibly in lymphatic development


bubblehead: confirmed background mutation in craniofacial development


curly: confirmed background mutation in cell proliferation/survival


jawbreaker: confirmed background mutation in craniofacial development


beaver: confirmed background mutation in embryo viability


rubenesque: confirmed mutation in pigmentation, cardiovascular function and cell migration

[Picture shows a double grinch and ruby. Ruby embryos is in the middle]