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Nigerian Inbred Line

The Nigerian Inbred lines originated from wildcaught frogs obtained by Marc Kirschner. Enrique Amaya then progated these frogs while at UC-Berkeley. A set of frogs was then transferred to the Grainger lab at University of Virginia. These frogs underwent a program of inbreeding which has now progressed through multiple generations.
The following tree represents frogs inbred at the Harland lab at UC-Berkeley through F8. Please contact the Harland Lab for further information on their current status of inbreeding this line. A set of frogs from the Harland lab was transferred to the Khokha lab, which has inbred these frogs to F14.


A PDF version of this tree is available.
To obtain UC-Berkeley frogs contact Richard Harland.
To obtain UVa frogs contact Rob Grainger.