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Genetic Techniques

Photo by Robert Lisak.

Karyotypes - method for visualizing X. tropicalis chromosomes

Cytology - our goals to develop methods to visualize X. tropicalis chromosome banding patterns as well as localized regions of the chromosome using lampbrush chromosomes or FISH

Gynogenesis - a method to convert haploid Xenopus embryos to diploid embryos. It can be used for "instant inreeding"

Isolating Genomic DNA - methods for purifying genomic DNA from X. tropicalis

Genetic Map - the group at U. of Houston are compiling a microsatellite map and have protocols for amplifying microsatellites to detect polymorphisms

Database - a versatile database written by Maura Lane to track frogs and their care

Frog Identification - protocols and methods to "mark" frogs uniquely so that they can be identified from their neighbors

Sperm Freezing and Storage - X. tropicalis sperm can be frozen for long term storage of lines and then later thawed to recover the line

Shipping Frogs - methods to ship and receive frogs in order to maximize safe transport

Mapping- protocols for SNP mapping