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Developmental Timetables

Amphibian species develop externally and therefore the experimenter can easily observe as development proceeds. This is a distinct advantage for developmetal studies compared to species that develop internally. Additionally a staging system described by Nieuwkoop and Faber allows researchers to easily define different periods of development. Based on this staging system, we have created a developmental timetable to allow researchers to be able to predict when embryos will reach desired stages. The staging system of Nieuwkoop and Faber is directly applicable to X. tropicalis.
For details on the creation of the table, please see Khokha et al 2002.

We have created three tables.


The first is for X. tropicalis at different temperatures.


The second is for X. laevis at different temperatures.

Finally the third is a combined table with both X. tropicalis plotted as well as X. laevis. Click the chart for a larger image.


These tables contributed by C. Chung, K. Trott, M. Khokha and T. Grammer.