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Lab Tasks for Clean-up Day

Task Job Person
Organize -20 Organize your -20 rack, boxes etc.
4 degree fridge Organize your shelf/ throw out old plates etc. Make sure your shelf, racks etc. are labeled Everyone
Benches + Shelving Organize your bench and shelves, discard unneeded items Everyone
Reagent bottles Sort your glass reagent bottles, empty unneeded solutions and put bottles in sink Everybody
Solutions Check the stock chemicals you are responsible for and make more if necessary Everyone

DNA,RNA, PCR, other kits Condense and asses what kits and/or reagents are needed To Be Assigned
Nanodrop Calibrate/order DNA standard/order new calibration solution Maura/Cyndi
Restriction Enzymes Alphabetize and assess what is needed To Be Assigned
Robot in situ baskets + trays
Collect baskets and trays from everyone and organize in drawer Maura
Plasmid Database Enter any new plasmids you have in computer database AND the physical database To Be Assigned
Gel Image Computer Backup files, remove files from computer to make room on hard drive Engin
Chemical Bench Inventory chemical shelves/Assess chemicals needed and update list To Be Assigned
4 degree common space + cold room
Organize and make more room for plates Maura+Cyndi