Padmini Pillai, B.A., M.A.

Graduate Student


Yale University


Padmini Pillai studies how the innate immune system recognizes influenza virus to initiate adaptive immunity. She is also investigating the role of pattern recognition receptors on the induction of innate antiviral resistance mechanisms after flu infection. When Padmini is not at lab, she enjoys singing and performing music ranging from funk to Chopin to South Indian Classical (Carnatic) Music. Padmini received a B.A. in biochemistry from Regis College and an M.A. in Medical Sciences from Boston University. She subsequently worked in the laboratory of Dr. Charles Serhan at Harvard Medical school, before joining the Immunobiology Ph.D. program at Yale University in 2010.

Education & Training

B.A. Regis College, Biochemistry (2005)
M.A. Boston University, Medical Sciences (2007)

Contact Info

Padmini Pillai, B.A., M.A.