About the Yale microCT Facility

The Yale microCT facility was established in 2008 through a shared instrument grant from NIH. The ScanCo MicroCT 35 machine is currently located in TAC S-138 and managed by Dr. Ben-Hua Sun.

The machine features extremely high resolution, with the capacity to resolve structures down to 3.5 microns and provide fine structural images at the level of individual trabeculae. A variety of sized holders can be placed in the machine, and we are able to analyze both soft and hard tissues, including rat and mouse bones and segments of larger bones.

The majority of scientists access the machine to examine either rat or mouse bones, so we have devised template reports to reflect that, anticipating that the majority of users are interesting in analyzing either vertebral bones or femurs. In the femur, we analyze distal femur for trabecular and cortical bone. Our general report includes images at 7 microns that display a cross section of the whole bone to allow investigators to get some sense of the size and shape of their bones and the relative amount of cortex and trabecular bone present. An abstracted summary of the critical parameters, both cortical and trabecular, are included in the report, as well as a graphic summary of those changes that were most significantly different. A third tab on the report form includes all of the parameters acquired by the instrument.

All specimens should be submitted using the MicroCT Submission Form.  Samples can be sent to:

Ben-Hua Sun, MD
Internal Medicine Endocrinology
One Gilbert Street, Room TAC S-130
New Haven, CT 06519
Telephone: 203-785-2631

In order to maintain this facility, and cover the increasing expense of the service contract and COLA for staff, we  will, effective 7/1/19, be charging $65/bone for internal (Yale) investigators, and $75/bone for external investigators; $130 for whole calvaria. Costs for other special imaging modalities can be arranged on an individual basis, depending on the amount of machine time required. It is vitally important that appropriate charging instructions be included with the samples. We will not be able to process samples without this information.

Dr. Insogna is available on a consultative basis to help interpret your data, if needed.