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Background and Research Focus

The MICU Database and Biorepository was established in 2012 and currently is enrolling patients who are admitted to the medical ICU who are age 18 or older with ARDS, ALI, sepsis or other critical illness. Patients are excluded if they are expected to be in the ICU for less than 24 hours, non-English speaking or are receiving comfort care. Blood specimens are collected at enrollment, day three and day five of ICU stay.

We will also be collecting discarded BAL fluid. Surrogates and patient interviews are conducted. Clinical data is tracked from the electronic medical record and patients are followed for 28 days post-ICU admission, as well as discharge follow-up at 60 days and beyond. Translational and clinical research projects will be conducted by the various investigators.

We are examining the prevalence of delirium on PTSD in an older patient population. We are also examining drug trajectories over nursing shifts in critically ill patients.
I am currently examining the role of various metabolic pathways in critical illness such as ALI, ARDS and sepsis. I am also interested in the relationship of obesity with these pathways and ICU outcomes.
Dr. Akgün's research has primarily focused on MICU admissions and outcomes in Veterans with particular focus on comparisons between HIV infected and uninfected patients in the current combination antiretroviral era.