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Tryston Gabriel, New Postgraduate Associate in Huh Lab

April 19, 2022

Tryston Gabriel is a new Postgraduate Associate working in the Huh Lab. Tryston comes to Yale Pathology from The Jackson Laboratory, where he most worked on the iPSC Neurodegenerative Initiative (iNDI), a collaboration between NIH Co-directors Mark Cookson, PhD and Michael Ward, PhD, with The Jackson Laboratory to establish treatments for Alzheimer’s patients.

In this role, Tryston worked under Dr. William Skarnes (PI) editing human iPS cells to harbor mutations associated with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias using CRISPR technology. He aided in development of research protocols and genotyping strategies to characterize complex knock-ins, constructed gene maps and designed primers and guide RNAs to produce mutations in a human stem cell line, and took ownership of the resulting cells until they could be archived for long term cryogenic storage.

Concurrently at Jackson, Tryston worked on the Chan Zuckerburg Initiative, a project that aims to establish mutations in a stem cell line for the purpose of aiding in standardizing research centered around neurodegenerative disease.

Tryston’s technical skills include:

  • Molecular Biology: PCR, qPCR, ddPCR, Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP), Methlyated-CpG Island Recovery Assay (MIRA), Bisulfite Conversion, Western Blot, ELISA, Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation, Bacterial Transformation, DNA extraction and purification
  • Data analysis: Sanger sequencing (Single nucleotide variations, Knockouts, Knock-ins), PCR, Western Blot, Flow cytometry
  • Cell Culture: Sterile handling of hiPS cells, cell picking, clone expansion, archiving
  • Genetic Engineering: Construction of gene maps, Ability to design; PCR primers, sequencing primers, bridging ssODNs, CRISPR guide RNAs
  • Bioinformatics: Data entry and analysis, knowledge of R and exposure to Python

He has a Bachelor of Science in General Biology from Central Connecticut State University.

Submitted by Terence P. Corcoran on April 19, 2022